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Over the past 30 years we've worked to grow the pantry from a milk bar into a local community institution. 

Back in 1988 when we bought the place it was still a modest yet established milk bar, not even sporting a coffee machine. Over the course of a couple of decades we've renovated and expanded while putting effort into maintaining our family and community focus. Now the Pantry is a one stop shop for the community to come together and share a coffee or a bite to eat. We have recently started hosting special dinner nights and we have a homewares/gift store for those who want something to take home with them.

The courtyard fills with families after school on weekdays, and on weekends, locals bring their friends down for a relaxed drinks and nibbles in the afternoon.

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106 Glen Iris Rd. 
Glen Iris
VIC 3146


03 9889 7092




M-Sat  6:00am – 6:00pm
Sun+PubHol 8:00am - 6:00pm